SIVUQAM KELUGWI: Complete Curriculum & Patterns

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The SIVUQAM KELUGWI Curriculum is the complete package of all three traditional sewing projects: Bird Skin Parka, Game Ball, and Cloth Doll. These three projects are perfect for anyone; as lessons for educators to give their students, or even for a hobbyist who wants to learn some fun traditional sewing methods. The curriculum consists of in-depth videos, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF's to help guide you and your students through each project.

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Lydia Apatiki Sewing

The creation of this curriculum was supported by Kawerak, Inc., First Peoples Fund, CIRI Foundation, Bering Sea Lions Club, Partnow Consulting, and Gales Communications and Design. We are thankful to those who assisted in the coordination and development of the curriculum: Alice Bioff, Patricia Partnow, George Stransky, Carol Gales, Lisa Ellanna, Colleen Reynolds, Tanya Wongittilin, Vera Metcalf, B. Yaayuk Alvanna Stimpfle, Dianne (Igluquq) Okleasik, Donna James, and Patti Lillie. We are also very grateful for the approval and support from the Native Community of Gambell.